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New Or Recent Music

New Or Recent Music; is a new section for current music as well as the recent past. All genres! These are good music I feel are worthy of your ear!

This new artist has got it going on. I really love his voice. Kane Brown sings the kind of country music I like. I’m not a big fan of country music that is boarder line rock music. I like the easy listening type of country music. His musical style sort of reminds me of Randy Travis. So, recently Kane released a single called “Weekend,” written by Chase McGrill, Will Weatherly, & Kane Brown. What’s interesting is… I also usually don’t like songs where the chorus portion is too repetitious. But, I love the beat of the song and his voice so much, I easily overlooked that repetition. Kane Brown is a true example that Social media works. From the release of his first album called “Closer” over 3 years ago, he’s been boiling hot ever since. His song “Weekend” got over 4+ million plays on Spotify alone. Go head with your bad self Kane!!

What's The Use? (austin marc flip)

I came across an artist named Mac Miller while browsing other music blogs. Although I’ve read quite a few people hailing him as a phenomenal artist, I wasn’t attracted to his style of hip hip unfortunately (that’s just me). However, his partner in music, Austin Marc Flip, I’m assuming he did the background mix for this particular piece called “What’s The Use?” Which was released this month I believe. I much prefer this instrumental version. It has a style of funk, jazz, and disco all rapped in to one. It doesn’t appear that the instrumental version is available on Spotify, however, you can listen to it here on the StereoFox Blog.

P.S. I was saddened to read that Mac Miller has passed away. How ironic that they would choose that photo for his album cover. By the way, doesn’t he look a lot like Sam Smith?

Curtis harding has a brand new single out called “Where We Are.” This particular piece has a Black movie soundtrack feel to it. The song is almost 8 minutes long, and he uses that time wisely to show case his instrumental talents. I just absolutely love Curtis’s musical style! He is one of the very few new independent artists I really love. When you listen to his music, you can tell he grew up musically cultured. His voice perfectly fits the old school vibe of his music. It is so refreshing to hear a young artist like him (well technically he’s not that young (39 years old)) taking their creativity back to basics.  There’s another song you may like, which he also released as a single called “It’s Not Over.” This song has a slight hint of Memphis sound, mixed with an updated R&B kick. You know, he performed in NYC not too long ago, and unfortunately, I couldn’t go. Oh well….. Next time..