New Or Recent Music

New Or Recent Music; is a new section for current music as well as the recent past. All genres! These are good music I feel are worthy of your ear!

Le Freak (remix) By Oliver Heldens is the best Chic remix I've ever heard in my life, I must have replayed this mix about 50 times before I got tired of it, club fans I recommend you take a listen

This remix of Chic’s “Le Freak” by Oliver Heldens is freak’n’ awesome!!This is absolutely the best Chic club remix since I can remember. I am stunned, talk about coming out of left field? This is the kind of intense club music I remember growing up in the 80s. You just don’t hear great club music like this anymore, at all. However, It seems as thought this is the only mix I like from him. I found out he’s a well known DJ, but he mostly does EDM music. Rarely have I heard EDM music I like. Call it getting old, I don’t care.. 😜 But……. Yo, this Chic remix is hot I think.

Figure It Out by Lucas Estrada & Pawl, I actually like this song, and you know what - If Drake actually sang, he'd probably sound more like Lucas

Believe it or not, I actually like this new song “Figure It Out,” by Lucas Estrada and Pawl. You know what? If Drake actually tried to sing, he’d probably sound like Lucas! 😁 When I listen to the rhythm of this song, it reminds me A LOT of Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster (1980)” for some reason. Remember that song? You know, for a very young artist, I hear a lot of soul in his voice. I think this is a very nice track.

Why Her Not Me by Grace Carter, one of the most talented new Black vocal artists I've heard in a very very long time, I highly recommend that you listen to her new single

This, is a badass bitch right here!! I LOVE her new single!! She is one of the very few vocally talented, young, and up and coming musicians I’ve heard in a really really long time!!! Her name is Grace Carter, and the name of her song is called “Why Her Not Me.” Damn! Her voice is on point!! You know what? After listening to this song so many times, I realize her voice reminds me a little of Adele’s . Now, after I got over the awesomeness of her voice, I started focusing on the lyrics. I hated the story line of the lyrics. Her voice projects a powerful woman, yet she let herself to be brought down by a dude that obviously didn’t deserve her time and love. It was almost as tho her voice should not have been singing this song. Yet… She laid that performance down like she owned our ears. You have to check out her remix, the beat is kicking… “Why Her Not Me – Channel Tres Remix.”

Don't Matter To Me by Drake, It's a new song and although I'm not a huge fan of Drake, I love the background music to this song

Ok. I was never a huge fan of Drake, I only liked maybe two of his older songs. I think he made some good dance beats, but I never considered him as a “singer.” Drake’s voice is too unbearably monotone. That said, my feelings are the same concerning his new song “Don’t Matter To Me,” released on his double CD. What? Double CD you said? Yup. Back in the day, you only released a double CD/album when you’ve been in the game for awhile, and you want to put out a greatest hits album. I guess he just wanted to increase his chances one one or two songs being a hit. The background music is hot, as well as dramatic. You what? Listen to the background really close, doesn’t it remind you a little bit of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana?” By the way, you know you’re making money when you can afford to put the late MJ’s voice on your song. I give this song 4/5 stars. But the rest of this double CD…. 😣

Only You by Theophilus London (Featuring Tame Impala), new 2018 single with a classic disco beat, I love it

I had to do a whole lot of researching first, to make sure this was an actual new song. Theophilus made this song as if he literally time traveled; written and produced the song in the disco 70s era; made a bunch of copies and traveled back to the future to share it with us 😁 😍 ⏳ I absolutely love this song! Theophilus’s voice sounds amazing on this song. So, “Only You,” is a brand new song that has already received 405k Spotify plays, almost 200k views on YouTube, and about 11k Shazams! Interesting that someone who is known as a psychedelic rock performer, would turn around and produce this wonderful piece. If I saw his genre first, I probably would not had bothered to listen to it. I’m glad I did. Dropping it into my albums! Hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Slow Hands by Niall Horan, I really like this song, he is a new commer and has at least one song on a movie soundtrack under his belt

Yeah, I know I’m late with the first song! But…. What the hell, I’ll just stick this in with 2018 before the year is out. I forgot where I first heard this new comer.  His name is Niall Horan, and in 2017 he released a song called “Slow Hands,” under Capital Records. I really love the sexy beat of this song. I guess by today’s standards, this song would be considered modern day “baby making music.” 😁 😜 🤠 It is rare that I hear music that I consider both danceable and romantic; usually they are “either,” “or.” He also released another song I like this year called “On The Loose,” acoustic version. I think we may hear a lot more from this guy, because he has a new song on the soundtrack album for the animated movie “Smallfoot.” The song is called “Finally Free.”

Deeper by Lisa Standfield - Snowboy Extended Version - new music

I have so much great classic music to share, it is not humanly possible to share them all! That’s not a complaint, it’s actually the good kind of stress, of just how much fun I am having with my blog (despite the tremendous manual labor involved) 😲 🙄 😍 . Did you guys know that Lisa Stansfield released a new album recently? Yup she did! It’s called Deeper+. Some of the songs on this album is definitely different from the kinds of music she used to do, yet, it’s the same Lisa. I love three songs from the new album very much. The first is “Deeper (2018) Snowboy Extended Version.” It has the kinds of rhythms you’d hear in some of Maxwell’s old music; that jazzy groovy mix. The second song that can get me on the dance floor is called “Never Ever,” which was mixed by another DJ master….. Mike Cruz. I also like the second version of “Never Ever,” remixed by Robert Hardt. It has more of a disco & R&B sound. This song is almost 9 minutes long, and it has a really nice xylophone solo. We really don’t hear that instrument anymore.

Without You by Justin de Mari

Wow!! I must have played this song about 6 times already! The first thing I was attracted to was the sick rhythms in the bass. “Without You” is a new single release by Justin de Mari. In addition to this song definitely being a head popper, I like the lyrics as well. In essence, this is an upbeat dance/pop song that describes how he doesn’t want his girl to worry about anything. If she’s tired, he’ll take over things in life she’s unable to finish. This is song is both sweet and groovy at the same time. Definitely something you can play for the dance floor (in my opinion).